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Nealow Music - Vintage Record Lps

Order information and Grading Policy

Command Early Stereo Lps
London Phase 4 Early Stereo
Project 3 Early Stereo Lps
Grand Award Early Stereo Lps
Vocals - Male & Female
Big Band & Easy Listening
R & B
Rock and Pop Artists
Order Information & Grading Policy

Grading Policy & Order Information

Each list is arranged by the Last name of the artist or group(Except for Early Stereo Listings, which are listed by the First name of the artist or group) .

Except for items that have a price next to the listing(a few do), each Lp is $5 each. However, 5 can be purchased for $20(Discounts are given on priced items if you are interested in 2 or more). To reserve anything on this list , or if you have any questions regarding any item , simply e-mail us and we will try and answer any question that you may have .

At this time we accept: 

1) Checks

2) Money orders

3) Postal money orders 

4) International Postal Money orders

5) BidPay(This is a Western Union payment system - Go to for details)

6) Cash . When sending cash we recommend that you use a signature type of mail as it is a safe way to send cash.

Shipping charge:

For US : $4 for the 1st Lp, .50 for each additional Lp . Insurance is optional(For US only) , and is $1.30 for each $50 in value.


Outside the US:

Europe : $8 for the 1st Lp, .75 for each additional Lp.

Asia: $9 for the 1st Lp - $1 for each additional Lp.

Canada: $6 for the 1st Lp, .75 for each additional Lp.

All the above shipping quotes are for a Surface Post Delivery. If you wish to use a higher grade of shipping, such as Air Post, you will have to make arrangements with us on each purchase. For large orders(More than 20) , the shipping price may vary .

There is a 10 day holding period on all Checks, and Money orders other than Postal Money orders.

Make all payments out to Patrick Lowe . DO NOT make the payment out to Nealow Music as we bank with a credit union and cannot place the business name on the account. If we receive a payment with Nealow Music on the document, we will have to send it back for you to reissue, and this takes time. This also includes the BidPay payments, so if using BidPay, please only give them the name Patrick Lowe. Please make out the payment and send to the following:

Make payment to: Patrick Lowe

Send payment to:

Nealow Music

Patrick Lowe                           

951 Chimebell Church Rd.

Aiken, S.C. 29803



Phone # (803) 652-2105

E-mail address :


********Grading Policy***********

All the Lps on this WebSite are in at least VG++ Condition(Cover & Disc). Most are Mint or at least Mint(-) and we have many Sealed items here as well.  We also double check every item before we ship and if we do notice something that may cause the Lp to grade below VG++(Cover or Disc), then we will send you an e-mail letting you know any problem the Lp may have.


Sealed Items are as stated, and are in their Original Plastic Wrap. Sealed items should be Mint when opened, and we assume that the Lp inside will be as if new.

VG++ - Our qualification of a VG++ Lp is one that only has minor wear on the surface of the Lp.  It should play as new, or very close to new.  A VG++ Cover is one that may display slight ring wear & slight seam wear, or corner wear.

Some of our items(To include Sealed items) are cut-outs. We do not show on our list if an Lp is a cut-out, and if this makes any difference to you, please let us know before ordering and we will let you know if any of the items you are interested in are cut-outs.


 We are happy to send you photos of any of our Lps, however, We do not have an inventory of photos, and taking photos of items takes time, so remember, in the meantime the item may sell !!

  Hey folks.... if you happen to have our Web site in your favorites, Please remember to click the Refresh button at each visit to make sure you are looking at our latest information.

Questions? E-mail us at